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Monday, October 02, 2006

New restaurant in East Delhi

Today I was debating whether to eat at home or go out. After some discussion with my wife, we finally settled on eating out. Now the simple question over, the more difficult question as to where to eat. After around 15 minutes of discussion, we thought we will go to PSK in Laxmi Nagar. It has an Indian and Chinese restaurant, so seemed like a done deal.
When we reached close to PSK, saw the newly opened V3 mall just next to PSK with the Moti Mahal restaurant ad shining brightly. As we went in, there seemed an interesting line of tables in a semi-open type of situation right on the first floor just opposite Moti Mahal. So the third choice proved the one where we would go to.
It seemed fairly crowded, with just one table right next to the door free. So sat down and waited to see what was the kind of risk we were taking. The waiter did not take too long in coming and the menu seemed full of a lot of things.First shock, there were around 10 separate entries on things to drink, but since this place had opened just yesterday, you could have had either cold drink or water, nothing else. Seemed a bit strange, if you opened a new restaurant, one would have expected these sort of things to be ready.
Well, we ordered 3 different kind of parathas, second shock. Other than pickle and onions, they do not give anything with the parathas. Different from the other places that give some small dish and curd, so that each paratha seems like a complete meal. The impression one gets from just giving parathas is that this is a real cost saving place out to extract everything that you have.
Parathas were okay, a bit oily (but that is par for the course). They obviously need a bit more training, as they did not give any kind of tissue or cloth, only when I asked near the end of the meal, did they give us something. Saving grace was when towards the end of the meal, a lady (maybe owner / manager) came and asked us for feedback with a pleasant face. Net net, people can come there and enjoy, but they need to pull up their socks and taste if they want poeple to start recommeding it.

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