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Monday, March 24, 2008

Tea Shop, Sector 37, Noida

Post courtesy Akshaya (link)

Tea Shop in Sector 37, near the telephone exchange is one of those hidden places which become popular only through word-to-word publicity. It is a nice little shop run by Capt. (Retd.) Mehra and his wife. It is quite popular among young crowd - who come out to chill, chat and smoke there.

The place has sitting arrangements in front of the shop. It offers great variety of tea and coffee plus grilled/plain sandwiches and other eatables like cookies, momos, corn etc... It is wonderful place - one which I have visited numerous times and still visit a lot. Order any hot/cold drink from their menu and it would be fantastic. All the sandwiches are also wonderful specially the traditional onion-capsicum grilled and the latest chicken-salami one. There is also a sweet shop nearby, offering wonderful samosas.

If you are in Noida, then it is a place to visit and relax in your car while having wonderful tea/coffee along with hot eatables.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bombay a part of Konkan was illegally renamed to Mumbai, by people who had no authority, as not being it's original people, and as being unhistorical and pure mythology. The history of the Mumbadevi temple is interesting and determines the claim of 'Mumbai.'

Under England's mercantilist policy, industries came to be set up in Bombay, and to man those factories, people were imported from the hinterlands. Thus the Marathi people began to pour into Bombay and soon came to dominate its demography, reducing its original people to a minority. A Marathi woman by the name of Mumba who subsequently settled in Bombay built the Mumbadevi temple and gave the temple here own name, this is not surprising since the advait hindus believe that every soul is a god. Later, in order to justify themselves, the marathi people with their brute majority invented a myth that "the temple is about six centuries old: Mumbaraka, a sadistic giant who frequently plundered the place at the time. Terrorized by these unwelcome visits, the locals pleaded with the god Brahma, Creator of all things to protect them. Brahma then "pulled out of his own body", an eight armed goddess who vanquished Mumbaraka. Brought to his knees, Mumbaraka implored the goddess to adopt his name and built a temple in her honour. She still stands there, an orange faced goddess on an altar strewn with marigolds: devotees believe that those who seek her divine favour are never disappointed."

Given the history of the Mumbadevi temple, it is obvious that the claim that 'Mumbai' is the original name of the city of Bombay is merely mythurgic: the malicious invention of the Marathi colonists as an instrument of Cultural Genocide, by destroying the original names and replacing them with Maharashtrianised names!

The renaming rests entirely on the goon power of the Marathi colonists' Brown Shirt party, the terrorist organisation that styles itself the Shiv Sena.

It is interesting that the Marathi people and Bal Keshav Thackeray the big boss of shiv sena who was born in Pune are not fighting to have Pune, the former Poona, be restored to its original Punaka.

As a result of their sustained agitation in the 1950s, the government of India after its independence included Bombay into the newly recreated province of Maharashtra and latter in 1995 also renamed the city as Mumbai, as the Marathi people demanded.

But the Marathi are not satisfied merely with colonizing the former British Konkan, they must also covet the Portuguese Konkan - the so-called "Goa". Indeed it is imperative for them to do so, in order to prevent the reclamation of the British Konkan and the attendant expulsion of the Marathi colonialists there. This imperative to consumate their crime pushes them in their program of Genocide against the Konkani nation. They wish to colonise the entire Konkan and destroy entirely the Konkani nation - commit genocide!

This Genocide takes the shape of renaming of places and landmarks, forcing the non-marathis to learn the marathi language and of denigrating the Konkani people as somehow inferior - a corrupted branch of the Marathi people.

The imposition of Marathi and Maharashtrianized names is intended to sever the intimate and vital connection of the Konkani nation with its homeland, the Konkan, thus make the Konkani rootless. This is Genocide; it is also Imperialism and Colonialism. By these tactics, the Marathi people wish to swallow up and destroy the last vestiges of the Konkani nation and eat up their land, leaving them to be merely a memory.
Rajiv K. Nair
Bombay / India.


1:08 PM, April 05, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very Well Said...
U must read a lot to have such a fair knowledge of Konkans.

I dont quite like the communal attitude of shiv sena and the hyoe given to marathis.

but my friend, emotions apart. do u know what genocide means.
please go and check the dictionary once.

2:30 PM, April 26, 2009  

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