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Monday, November 23, 2009

Food court at Shipra Mall - many choices, mostly Indian ones

If you are into doing a lot of shopping at Shipra Mall (it is after one of the better malls in the entire east NCR region), then you should consider the food court of Shipra Mall, called Bite Inn. The food court is of a fairly large capacity, enough that we could get seating comfortably on a Sunday evening at 8 PM (of course, Shipra also has other seating options, so maybe this could also be a reason).
Each counter of the various options below have a fairly large list of menu items, but the variety is a bit difficult to find, mostly North Indian food (and this could be because the common patron is a person who eats North Indian food). You get a chit from each eating place, and have to pay at a common bill counter, and then get a bill that you need to give back to the food counter. Food was okay, and the place was fairly clean and seemingly hygienic (and you could get Diet Pepsi / Coke, something not available at other food courts).
Here is a list of the eating options:
Nariyal Chutney
Rasoi e Punjab
New Woks Chinese
O2 Pure Veg
More than Paranthas
Made in China
Dilli Darbar
Ice Cream and various soft drink options (no liqour).

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