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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Delhi Metro - A class apart

Right now, Delhi Metro has started causing immense problems in life; digging up Vikas Marg is in progress, and for those folks for whom Vikas Marg is a daily up-and-down road, the increased traffic congestion is problematic. Well, they always say that for getting something good, you have to sacrifice something.
There is plenty of good in the Delhi Metro project, as can be evidenced by the peak time traffic passenger congestion.
The first I travelled in it as a joy ride was a couple of years back, and it felt incredible. Right now, the most important stretch that I can see in terms of getting people to see the advantages is the stretch from CP to Kashmere Gate. This passes through some of the most congested parts of Delhi at a good fast speed, the same stretch would take so much more time when travelling on the road.
I got a true measure of the convenience when I had to drop someone off at New Delhi Railway Station and then had to go to CP for some shopping. Once I dropped the person off at the Railway station, I realized that it makes more sense to take the Metro to CP and back, no worried about parking and much faster. So I did that, and could not stop admiring my decision for some hours. I also used the machine installed at CP to get my return ticket, and as far as I could see, I was the only person who did that. A couple of persons looked at me with surprise and some admiration, and that really felt good, although I did nothing special.

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