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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tips for new year in Delhi

Well, not exactly tips, more like advice. If you are the party-going type, keep in mind that large sections of the public are also like you. Thus:
1. It will be pretty cold outside, think about spending the new year with your family at home :-)
2. There will be a lot of people driving with a certain amount of different coloured liquid inside them, so it may not be that safe outside
3. If you have also consumed certain portions of the differently coloured liquids, keep in mind that the 'With you, for you, always' men of the Delhi police will be on the prowl with their breath-analyzers
4. Going by previous experience, places outside such as hotels and the like will be very very crowded, unless it is a limited ticketed event
5. The best bet would be to either spend the New Year at a company event or with some common friends at their residence

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