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Friday, July 06, 2007

Delhi Structures: A colorful building in Noida Sector 25A

If you are passing by this sector, you would have noticed Spice Mall. Next to that is a big building, around 7 levels high. From the back, the building is a combination of grey and white; but from the front, the building is a riot of colours, with red, blue, yellow colors spicing up the front of the building. At the top, there will be a red logo 'A'. This building is Adobe Systems. At the sides of the building, you can see a number of playing areas such as a volleyball court, a lawn tennis court, a mini-golf putting zone and a half-basketball court. If you look closely, and if the weather is not too hot, people will be playing any of these sports at any point of time. The Spice mall building is also fairly colorful (malls should be anyhow), and a few buildings away from the Adobe office (towards the line in which Reliance Energy is located), there is a very bright yellow building. Looking from a distance, you would not believe that such a colorful building is actually the Pension Fund office. Right next to the Adobe office is a wide open area which is right being used as farmland, must be one of the most expensive farmland in the whole of India.
Adobe Systems is the Indian subsidiary of the worldwide multinational head-quartered at San Jose. The Indian subsidiaries are located at Noida and Bangalore, and the company employs a variety of people such as technical writers, developers (preferably people with product development experience, but not necessary; with good c, c++ or Java skills), testers (both blackbox and whitebox testers), program managers/project managers, product managers, UI / Visual designers. If you have some experience in these areas and want to try out for a job in Adobe Systems in Noida / Bangalore, please send your resume to
The India center does work in some cutting edge areas as well, and the job can be fairly satisfying.

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