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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Journey of Spices: Noida resto-bar

This is a restaurant located in the Noida Sector 18 market, more towards the Atta side. For precise location, if you are coming from the McDonald's side, then proceed straight past ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and keep on going straight till you hit a turn in the road. It is right there at the turn, just straight. For those coming from the Atta side, it is in the same set of buildings as Shyam Garments and the Titan showroom, just around the corner (in front of Bon Bon).
There is a small lift that take one upstairs, and in a twist, the lift actually opens into the restaurant itself. The restaurant has a nice inner look, with a clean and ordered look. There are also some seats that hang from the roof rather than being chairs on the ground, and it is fun to sit on these chairs since they swing with movement.
The restaurant has primarily Indian veg and non-veg stuff along with liquor. It is a trifle expensive since the meal for 4, with 2 cocktails, 2 mocktails, one veg starter, and 2 dishes with roti cost around Rs. 1600 (the cost includes a 10% service charge). Choice of cocktails is fairly comprehensive. Food quality was good, and waiters were very helpful.

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