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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Vegie India: A restaurant in Ghaziabad

Well, almost Ghaziabad. It is located within 2 km from Anand Vihar ISBT, inside the Galaxie Cinema complex, just off the Dabur chowk. Now Galaxie, besides a movie complex, also has a few eating options. There is Sagar Ratna, there is a caffe, there is an Indian restaurant, and there is this Vegie India. I remember reading, maybe in the menu, that it was a fine dining restaurant.
Well, a fine dining restaurant it certainly was not. The place had the look of a normal restaurant, with families, kids, normal cutlery, normal menu, etc. If I compare it with other fine dining restaurants, it would certainly come much worse off.
If you are going with family and kids, it is a pretty good place; well, I did not like the food much, but there were a number of other people in there who seemed satisfied; maybe my taste buds were expecting some more masala in the food.
The restaurant serves a variety of mockails (apparently, alcohol does not go well if you have a vegetarian restaurant), and in addition, serves Indian and Chinese food. The variety was okay, and the food quantity, while not a lot, was decent. The naan was good. It was not terribly expensive either, with the bill for 2 people coming to Rs. 423, but with taxes, it came to Rs. 485 (a lot of tax). Worth a try, especially if you live in that area.

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