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Different places to travel

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Classy place: Maamouche in Noida

This is a restobar located a bit away; what that means is that this restobar is located on the 4th and 5th floor of the Center Stage Mall in Noida. It is not easily seen from the bottom of the mall, like Ruby Tuesday and Geoffrey's can be seen; and in fact, is 2 floors above Geoffrey's.
This is an expensive place, and for 2 of us, it cost around Rs. 1500 (drinks for each, starter and a small main course), but the place was nice.
The restaurant is spread over 2 floors, and has a staircase inside, so if you find the place downstairs not to your taste, you can go upstairs. The place has a nice ambience, with not loud music (pretty soothing English music), chairs and tables having enough space between them, sofas for some of the seating, a wide variety of liquor bottles on display, and courteous waiters. However, I still did not leave a tip since they charged a service charge :-).
What else did the place have ? Well, it had a variety of vodka, tequila and rum based cocktails, in addition to pegs of rum, whiskey, vodka, gin, etc. Food quantity was not as plentiful as in other places, but was not so bad either. The naan was excellent.
They serve a variety of North Indian and lebanese food, plus you can get a flavoured hookah.
Phone : 95120-4312241,2517036-37

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