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Monday, June 04, 2007

4D Movie at Spice Mall

Spice Mall, located in Noida in Sector 25A, right next to Noida Stadium, contains a good multiplex, along with a Haldiram's and a small food court. It also contains some places that kids love. For one, there is an Amoeba outlet over there, and once you let a kid in there, he / she will have an incredible time playing a lot of the games over there. Also, given that the Amoeba has a concept of giving back some tickets based on game performance that can help in collecting some trinkets, kids get baited into collecting these tickets.
There is yet another outlet there in the Mall that is very attractive to kids, and to a number of adults as well. This is something called a 4D movie. Now, a 3D movie is something that enables people watching it to see something almost real life like. What a 4D movie does is to take this to a next level, where you can feel something. Imagine diving inside the sea, and a fish comes to your face and blows onto you or throws water at you, and you can actually feel air or water on your face. In addition, suppose you are having a bumpy ride, your seat will actually move up or down to give you the same effect. If there are a number of mice running on the ground between your legs, you will feel movement between your legs.
You are given a set of glasses to get the real life effect like 3D, and the rest is inbuilt in coordination between the seats and the movie, but gives a pretty enjoyable movie. However, the handicap is that movies shown here are very short (only around 10 minutes). I guess it would take a large amount of effort to prepare a movie such as this one. The cost for this is Rs. 100 per ticket.

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