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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Delhi Eating: Punjabi By Nature

Sounds a strange name for a restaurant chain, but it is worth a visit. I have made a number of visits to the restaurant in Noida, and it's a good place to have a meal. It gets fairly crowded at meal times, especially at weekends. The Noida restaurant has 2 floors, and can accomodate a number of tables, but even then. People who like Indian / Mughlai food like this place pretty much. Another chain of this restaurant is located in Vasant Vihar, next to Priya.
The restaurant serves a set of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes (and from what I recall, they give a hard slate like menu with items listed on both sides), along with a variety of liqour. Overall, the restaurant is somewhat expensive, with an average meal costing anywhere between Rs. 300-400.
The place has a nice atmosphere, with friendly waiters. Sometimes, service can take a fair amount of time, but the atmosphere is somewhat cosy, with each table giving a somewhat enclosed feeling. Locations:
Noida Restaurant: Located in the Sector 18 market, it is right next to the McDonalds, and the traffic intersection where around 4 roads meet.
Vasant Vihar branch: 11 Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar (next to Priya cinema).
011/2851-6665, 011/2851-6666, 011/2851-6667, 011/2851-6668, 011/2851-6669

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A great place full of buzz & atmosphere especially on the bar floor where food is also served. Loved it & so did my Delhi guest friends. The 3rd floor bar manager was excellent & remembered our drinks order every night the 3 we visited.

10:16 PM, January 25, 2008  

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