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Friday, May 18, 2007

Delhi Parks: Lodi Garden

Delhi, with its heat and grime, is mostly like a concrete jungle. The parks that Delhi has are extremely valued for the green cover they provide, as well as a comfortable place for morning and evening respite from the heat. One such park, very famous in the Lodi Road area is Lodi Garden. Bounded by Jor Bagh on one side and right next to the India International Center, Lodi Garden is like a green paradise for people of all ages.
The garden houses a number of tombs of the Lodi and Sayed kings who ruled over Delhi in the 15th and 16th century. For a view of some of these structures, click on this link. Some of these tombs are in a surprising good condition, considering their age. But the main attraction of Lodi Garden are the well-kept lawns, excellent walks through some lush foilage and numerous trees. There are a fair variety of different types of plants and trees in the Garden.
The Garden is a favourite among India's civil servants, many of whom live close by, this also ensuring that the garden is always kept well-maintained. Visiting the Garden, you will find people of all ages coming for morning walks, jogs, for various games, couples out to have a good time, or people coming for a picnic. In the evening, the monuments are highlighted by halogen lamps. In winters, the Garden is a good place to bask in the sun.

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