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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Great India Mall in Noida - a mega-mall

I just paid a visit to the Great India Mall in Noida. This Mall is located just next to the center stage mall (Sector 18), across the road. It is very clearly visible from the main road, and the entry into its parking is from the main road. Parking is a bit pricey, Rs. 30, which is much more than the other malls. But the parking space is huge, I have not seen a mall in India with so much parking before.
Once you enter into the mall from the lift and reach the floor having Big Bazaar and Home Town (a giant electronics and home appliances stores), the first experience is kinda strange. The structure of that area is more like the London tube with a corridor shaped like a tube corridor. However, this is only restricted to this section of the mall. As you move into the main section of the mall, you realize the size of the mall. The mall is somewhat like corridors meeting up in to form a central round space that has escalators, and then more corridors into more round spaces. I have not seen a mall constructed like this before, but maybe this is the way to build such a big mall. I sort of prefer the open inside space like the Pacific Mall.
One thing is sure, this mall is big. It has shops catering to most brands and types, with some of them being Pantaloon, Shopper's Stoppe, Lifestyle, Mark and Spencers, and various other apparel stores. There are many shoe shops, book stores, fancy clothing, jewellery, watches, Kids stores, and numerous others.
The mall is still not fully occupied, so there will be many more shops coming up. I was not able to places to eat, so maybe those are still coming up. In addition, I was not sure whether there are going to be any movie halls. Maybe there will be, since it is a good way to fetch more people. I hope that their infrastructure - lifts, escalators, air-conditioning, parking, washrooms, etc can cater to so many people.

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