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Friday, April 27, 2007

Delhi Tourism: Garden of five senses

This is a very recent addition to the tourism map of Delhi, having been inaugrated only in 2003. The Garden of five senses is indeed a treat for the senses, located in around 20 acres. To reach there, you need to take the Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, and the garden is actually located close to the Qutub complex.
Why is it called so ? That is because the garden caters to the senses of sight, hearing, touching, smell, and taste. You can see beautiful flowers, hear soothing music, cater to your taste buds in the food court serving delicacies from different regions, and of course touch and smell the various plants and flora in the garden. Each of these senses is catered to in a separate area of the garden.
For children, it can be entertaining, what with sculptures, water bodies, fountains, different delicacies, wind chimes with their melodious sound.
Some of the attractions that you can find in this garden are: Stainless steel birds, sculptures, water fountains, fragnant shrubs and trees, rare types of plants such as varieties of bamboos and cactii, an amphitheatre, exhibition area, pre-existing vegetation of the area such as kikar and ber bush, regular festivals of art and food, etc.

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