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Saturday, April 07, 2007

New gaming zone in East Delhi in Cross River Mall

Good news for people living in the trans-Yamuna belt. This area, more famous for being
called Shahadra by the rest of Delhi, has a brand new playing game. So, if kids are screaming for playing some arcade games, friends are over and you do not know what to do, or you are thinking that trying to have a bowling game involves going to South Delhi or to Noida, cheer up; there is a place nearby.
I wonder how many people have heard of a mall called Cross River Mall in East Delhi ? It styles itself as the longest mall in Delhi, and it is fairly long, that is true ! This mall is located on the outer edges of Surajmal Vihar. If you are coming from the Vikas Marg - ITO - Laxmi Nagar side, then you need to follow Vikas Marg till the road actually comes to an end at a T-joint (at Yamuna Sports Complex), turn left from here, and keep on going straight (crossing the Surajmal Vihar market on the left side), until you come to a 4-way. Cross the intersection and go straight. If you turn left from there, then you come to Cross River Mall. If you are coming from Anand Vihar ISBT side, then you need to proceed straight after the ISBT, cross the railway over-bridge and turn left at the first signal. If you go straight from here, you will eventually cross the Surajmal Vihar market as described above, and proceed stright, you will see it.
Once you reach Cross River Mall, go upto the second floor through the escalator on the left side, and then it's at the end of a long corridor. There are 3 bowling lanes, and a fair ammount of arcade games. Kids should have lots of fun, and grown ups who want to enjoy (such as grown up kids like me) would also have lots of fun.

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