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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Restaurant: Spice circle in Spice Mall

Haven't written a review for some time now, so here goes.
I was doing lunch with spouse and parents, and was wondering about a good place to go. We thought about it, and then realized that one option is the fine dining restaurant called 'Spice Circle' in Spice Mall (Sector 25A, Noida). It has a buffet, but maybe they also allow ordering from the menu during lunch. Based on some discussionswith friends, I currently have the impression that any restaurant that introduces a buffet service does it because they are not getting enough people (an overly simplistic assumption I know).
Okay, so more about the Spice Circle buffet. When we entered, we saw the restaurant was half full, and very quickly, we were helped to a table. So far so good. Next we thought about it a bit and decided that we might as well go to the buffet. Started with soup, soup wasn't that good. My spouse being a vegetarian took a look at the vegetarian section, and did not find Indian vegetarian stuff with gravy and was disappointed.
Then my turn, somehow, out of the 7-8 options that were available, atleast 3 were empty. This did not too good, since in a buffet, it is important that the platters for each dish not be empty. I could see diners reminding the waiters about the empty dished, and I had to the same. Food quality was not bad, it's just that the service could have been much better.
The restaurant costs around Rs. 350 for the buffet, plus a service charge of approx. 10-12%; so I did not leave a tip. I have never understood why a restaurant charges a service charge; after all, we go there only to get service, and why this is charged extra never makes sense.

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