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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Rajasthani restaurant in East Delhi

Today I had the chance of enjoying the food provided by a new Rajasthani restaurant in East Delhi (actually Ghaziabad technically). It goes by the unlikely name of 'Trinkets'. The spouse and me spent some time trying to figure out why this name, but gave up.
This restaurant is located in the Pacific Mall (right next to Anand Vihar ISBT), and is on the top floor, right next to the fine dining restaurant 'Bridge' (more about Bridge in another post). It seemed to be fairly new (meaning we had not seen it before), and when we climbed the stairs from the food court level to reach there, it seemed that the trouble was worth it.
The place was roomy and airy, with tables not cramped against each other. The waiters were dressed in Rajasthani type outfits. So we sat down, and asked about the food. They serve a thaali with all the traditional constituents such as bajre ki roti, daal, baati, chutney, and other Rajasthani food stuff. The actual constituents will keep changing on a regular basis. In addition, they serve water and chaach in earthen tumblers. At the conclusion of the meal, they serve you a sweet as well. The whole experience was pretty good, complemented by a troupe of 3 artists singing traditional songs.
What did all this cost ? It was not exactly very cheap, Rs. 175 per thaali (inclusive of tax), but my spouse came away from there with a positive experience, so the place gets a good mark in my notebook. And yes, they do not serve any bottled cola.

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