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Different places to travel

Friday, February 23, 2007

Dilli haat

What is Dilli haat ? Dilli haat is a cultural complex, located in between AIIMS and Safdarjung flyover, right opposite the INA market. It is located in six acres, and if you are culturally inclined, it is a treat to visit and spend time over there. Be warned, on weekends it is so crowded that it will take some time to get parking. However, there is a fair amount of parking available, and finding parking should not be a problem. No valet parking available though :-)
What is inside Dilli Haat ? Dilli haat primarily has 2 main features - stalls having artisans from a wide section of the country and food stalls representing the popular cuisine of different states.
What do the artisans display ? Various types of jewellery (note, you get some pretty good low-priced fancy jewellery (silver based as well as traditional, but not heavy gold types)), clothing from different areas of the country (good place for ladies to try to enrichen their wardrobe - I did not see too much stuff for the gentlemen over there though), different types of footwear, wall hangings, table settings, cermaic bugs, etc (you get the idea, I am sure). These artisans are rotated every 15 days so that artisans from all over get a chance to be here, and every time you come, you will see something different. In addition, there are region or state specific festivals where you can hear the regional music and other fine arts, in addition to a specific focus on the clothing and other wares from that region.
Now if you get hungry, what do you do ? There are a large variety of stall from all over the country. You want some type of Rajasthani thaali, or some momos from a North-eastern state, or some South Indian ware ? All is available. In my experience, the difficult part was to decide which one to select. Finally, we selected one where there was some free seating space.

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Anonymous holi wishes said...

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11:12 AM, February 24, 2007  

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