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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Malls in South Delhi and beyond

In continuation of a post that I made earlier where I enumerated malls in East Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad, I am trying to enumerate the list of malls in South Delhi, Faridabad and Gurgaon. Gurgaon typically is a place that I would classify as the mall champion, because the trinity of malls on the MG Road enlivens the whole place and draws in a large number of people from South Delhi who just have to go and see these malls. What helps is that all these malls have a very high sense of style, and are packed with shopping and entertainment options.

Malls in South Delhi:
Ansal Plaza (on Khel Gaon Marg): This mall has lost some of its sheen due to a number of other malls coming up. At one point of time, this was the only place that people in Delhi could go to for a shopping experience, and there were few people who were not impressed. I have always liked the architecture of the place with 2 separate arches forming two separate hemispheres. It is a good place for some clothes shopping, but be prepared to spend for the branding.
The India Mall (New Friends Colony): On this mall, I am blank. I have never been there, so unable to express an opinion. I found this in a listing elsewhere, so am assuming that it exists.
3C's Mall (Lajpat Nagar): It has a few shops, a nice (although somewhat claustrophobic) food court and movie halls. It ain't very big, and the whole locality can be fairly crowded. Advantage of this place is that if you are looking for something and don't find it in the mall, you are very likely to find it in the adjacent Lajpat market.
There are no more malls in South Delhi, unless one is prepared to count the whole of the South Extension market as one big open mall.

Malls in Faridabad:
There are a number of malls coming up in Faridabad, and I believe that all of them are coming up on the highway, but as of now, there are only 2 malls open in Faridabad.
Ansal Crown Plaza: Located almost in the center of Faridabad, it has a number of large brands for clothing, electronics, etc. In addition, there are a variety of eating options. It has a large open air terrace and is used to host hot and happening parties. I have not been to this mall, so unable to make any comment. If any reader is able to send in some sort of comments on this mall, then I will be able to add anything further.
SRS World: Has PVR cinemas. Is located in Sector 12 of Faridabad. Food options are wide and varied. It has plenty of parking and is located amidst greenery giving a good sorrounding.

Malls in Gurgaon:
Gurgaon could have at one point been called the mall capital of Delhi, but now Ghaziabad and Noida also have a large number of malls. Even then, Gurgaon has a fair number of malls and they bring in the crowds like anything.
DLF City Center: It opened up on MG Road in 2000 and has been attracting crowds ever since. This is one of the 3 malls located close to each other on MG Road that actually end up reducing the speed of traffic on the road (due to the crowds that they keep on pulling in).
Sahara Mall: The 2nd of the malls next to each other on MG Road. This is the first one that a person can see if they are coming from the Delhi side. Also pretty large, and can get pretty crowded.
MGF Metropolitan: This is the 3rd that I was talking about. It is also fairly glitzy, and also provides a range of shopping experiences.
Gold Souk: This is a slightly different experience. This is a mall that focuses on jewellery with a range of leading gold and jewellery makers being present. This mall is disabled and elderly friendly and also provides a good eating experience.
DLF Mega Mall: This mall, not located on MG Road, is instead located on the sector road leading to the DLF Golf and Country club. It is a 3 storied building with 2 basements. This mall has a 3 screen multiplex and a fairly impressive food court (friends who went there liked the place).

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Blogger itchingtowrite said...

good u did a gurgaon finally
and i love lajpat nagar but still dream of shopping onmy own. what i remember ofit is 15 yrs ago

6:00 PM, January 10, 2007  

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