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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Radisson Great Kebab factory

This eatery is an incredible experience. The Great Kebab factory is a dream come true for kebab lover's who want great ambience and comfortable sorroundings.
What is a kebab ? It is a type of grilled meat (although a great variety is available). Read Wikipedia.
So what is the Radisson Kebab factory ? It is a chain of upmarket eateries where a person can enjoy a number of kebabs (meat based / a number of vegetarian types). For a set price, you can eat an unlimited number of kebabs as well as some great lentils and Indian breads (Roomali roti / others). This is an experience that one should have, it does seem a bit expensive, but the overall experience is very good.
In Delhi, there are 2 places where the restaurant is available. Both however are not so easily accessible. One restaurant is available in the Radisson hotel (on the way to the International Airport), and the other is in the Noida Sector 18 market as a stand-alone restaurant.

1. Radisson hotel (near Airport): +91 11 26137373
2. Noida: + 91 120 - 2515880 - 86

On weekends, it is best if you reserve before you go.

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