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Friday, January 26, 2007

Malls in North Delhi

A gap between the posts, got somewhat busy, and was not able to find enough information on what I was looking for. This is the concluding post on the topic of malls in Delhi, and this particular post covers North Delhi malls.
I wasn't able to find too many malls, except for these 2 in Pitampura (if people can let me know of more malls, I will add them).

Malls in Pitampura:

Netaji Subhash Place: Located in Wazirpur District Centre, Pitampura (near the TV tower). It has several towers and malls, and a variety of eating places. The Delhi Metro (Shahdra - Rithala line). This complex also houses the North Square Mall.

Mamram Majesty Mall: This is another mall in Pitampura. Sadly, I have no futher information on this mall other than its location: Guru Harkishan Marg, (Near Dost Police Post), Pitampura.

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