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Friday, January 26, 2007

Chaat - at UPSC (Delhi)

The pleasures of eating different kinds of chaat is unmeasurable. For the converted, eating chaat is an essential item to get the required spice and tang in life. Popular types include bhel puri, dahi puri, panipuri, dahi vada, papdi chaat, and sev puri. There are numerous types of chaat available, can refer to the following links for more information on the types and some recipes. Learn about chaat at Wikipedia. Check out a few recipes here, and here.
Anyhow, one famous chaat place in Delhi is the UPSC chaatwalla next to UPSC, Shahjahan Road. It is very famous, and very acclaimed. If you don't know the location that I am referring to, it is the Road between India Gate and the Taj Man Singh.
Now there are numerous other chatwallahs in Delhi, and I don't want to risk getting into a war in terms of which is better and which is not. Some other places that are good are the outlets of Bikanerwala, Haldiram and Nathu's. These are spread all over Delhi, so they should be close to wherever you live.

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