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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hotel Imperial, Janpath

My previous posts have been more about food that is not very expensive and yet tasty. Now let me try a different category, the one of expensive and tasty. If you are looking for some great food in Delhi, and can afford an expensive budget, then you should try the restaurants inside the Imperial. A brief word about the hotel itself. The Imperial is a beautiful looking hotel on Janpath, a stone's throw from Connaught Place in the center of New Delhi.
Some of the great places to eat in the Imperial are:

1. Spice Route: South East Asian Cuisine. Meant to mirror the spice route through Asia. A very acclaimed restaurant.
2. 1911: European Cuisine along with a bar.
3. Brassiere: French influenced restaurant
3. Daniell's tavern: Indian cuisine
4. Patiala Peg: The bar
5. San Gimignano: Italian restaurant. The choice of wines is decent, and you can get a place outside in the garden as well.
6. Atrium: Snacks available in this courtyard located sitting area.

It is advisable to make a reservation in advance for the restaurants, especially on weekends. The restaurants can get fairly crowded as this is an excellent place to take foreign visitors for lunches and dinners.

The hotel itself is a beauty, the path leading to the porch is lined with King Palms, and gives a great look. Read an excellent review here.

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