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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Delhi Tourism: Razia Sultan tomb in Old Delhi

Razia Sultan was unique. She was the only woman monarch of Delhi, that too in a time period when such an event was unthinkable. She was born in 1205, and died in 1240 (and ruled only for 4 years). Maybe because she was a woman, she had to face rebellions, and was eventually defeated and killed after losing to her brother. Read this link for more details.
One would think that her grave would be an important place, given her significance in history, but her grave remains in neglect for a long time. The grave can be found close to the Sitaram Bazaar and the Kalan Masjid, and is located in Bulbuli Khane locale. The grave is raised on a raised platform within the premises of an open courtyard. On one side, there is a serene center for prayer. Nowadays, with the movement to improve the upkeep of historial monuments, there is a much greater focus on trying to improve the condition of the tomb.
The tomb is open from sunrise to sunset, and can be reached from the Chawri Bazaar metro station. The other option is to reach old delhi and take a rickshaw from there.

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