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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Play games in Delhi: Amoeba

Delhi has always suffered from a lack of good playing options for children. Now things are slowly starting to look up. There is a chain of kids gaming zones called 'Amoeba' that are sprouting in the various malls that are open across the city.
What do these gaming zones contain ? They have various types of machines such as racing machines (bikes and cars where you get on a seat and the seat movements guide you in the game displayed on the seat in front of you), sports games such as basketball (shooting balls into a hoop in a short period of time), air hockey, and numerous other games such as bring kids along with their parents to take part. Some of the Amoeba outlets also have bowling lanes, which will bring in a large number of teenagers and adults.
In fact, I just came back today from an Amoeba outlet in a nearby mall, and I am no kid, but I sure had fun. The games cost either Rs. 10 or 20 per play, and depending on performance in the games, you can pick up a variety of gifts.
As far as I know, the malls where Amoeba outlets are Spice Mall in Noida, Pacific Mall near Anand Vihar ISBT, Metropolitan Mall in Gurgaon, and maybe a couple others that I am missing. Shipra Mall in Indirapuram has a kids zone, but I am not sure whether it is an Amoeba outlet.

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Blogger Vikas said...

People started looking for new game and amoeba came up with a hope. But ur hope will be brutally murdered when u will experience the bad quality of the equipments and bad behavior by the staff in Ameoba. I have experienced it n number of time and this time it had been worst. So I decided to warn people by warning People not to go to Ameoba. I can only suggest ... rest is ur own choice...have fun

9:54 AM, February 22, 2009  

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