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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bookstore in South Extension

I am an ardent fan of reading, and am alwasy on the hunt for a new place from where I can get books, preferably at as low a cost as possible. This is not so easy nowadays, where the cost of a good book will be in the range of Rs. 300-500, hence making the buying of more books on a regular basis something of an expensive affair.
I was generally roaming around in the South Extension 1 market when I came across this bookstore that was selling a lot of books for the sum of Rs. 100 each. Now none of these books were in a pristine condition, even if they had not been read before, they had gone through some amount of weathering.
But I was hooked. Obviously in such a case, a lot of books would have been something that I would not be looking to buy, but I did come across a lot of books that I thought were worth buying, and I was soon trudging out of the bookstore with 11 books weighing down my hand, and some of these books were hard cover editions. I picked up books by Arthur C Clarke, Jonathan Kellerman, Robin Cook, Michael Critchon, and numerous others.
Where exactly was this located, this is right at the end of the South Extension 1 market, in the side closer to INA. It was located in the basement of a shop, but was fairly easy to locate once I was walking on the road in front of it since it had a banner flying high. So if you like books, and do not mind buying books that are not in a mint condition, then this is a good place to explore.

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