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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Playing in Delhi: Essex Farms, a games place

A group of colleagues were trying to work out various options on how to celebrate an accomplishment. This would mean an outing for around 20 plus people. Celebrating with a dinner was one option, going to a movie plus dinner was another option, an outing to an amusement park was another option. But the feeling was that, people, all being kids at heart would really enjoy a place where fun and games were involved and where they could spend some time playing and then have a nice time. After some time, we decided that Essex Farms it was.
Essex Farms is located on Aurobindo Marg, if you are going from the AIIMS side towards IIT, and you cross the signal under the flyover on outer Ring Road, it is the first establishment just after the signal. It comprises of restaurants, snack bar / bakery, and games, a fair amount of games.
So, let me describe a scenario. You go there with friends, leave the car with valet parking, have snacks along with a drink. Then you move to the playing area, doing bowling first, then a game of pool, following by arcade games such as racing, some air hockey, and then a game of bumping cars (the game where you get into rubber lined cars and proceed to bump and crash into one another). We did this particular a number of time, having real fun.
There is a lot for kids to enjoy, plus they can have their usual quota of cold drinks and snacks over there. A nice place overall, just be reminded that it can be a pain to reach there in peak traffic times.

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