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Monday, April 23, 2007

Great eating options in East Delhi: Pacific Mall

Pacific Mall, located just next to Anand Vihar ISBT is fast becoming a very attractive eating destination for people living in the area. The top floor of the mall, in addition to a movie plex (Adlabs + an Imax theatre), is also the hub of the eating destination.
There is a food court over there with choices ranging from Chinese, South India, North Indian (Punjabi, Mughlai, Rajasthani, chaat, etc). For kids, there are a range of burger and other such snacks available. A recent addition has been Italian and Mongolian. Some of these are pretty good, and can be availed of as a repeat service. There is also coffee and drinks (non-alcohlic) available, and some amount of sweet stuff including pastries, muffins, brownies, etc. How the food court works is that you get a central swipe card after paying money, and you can use this card at the various food counters, this works out to be very convenient.
In addition to this, there are stand-alone eating joints such as Moti Mahal Delux, Yellow Chilli (now with a bar), a coffee joint with small eating stuff, Chinese Chopsticks, and another eating place called Ocean. One level above, you have a fine dining restaurant called Bridge and a Rajasthani thaali place called Trinkets.
But be warned, on weekends, this place is so popular that you may have to wait, even though overall the seating capacity is pretty large. The food is good though, so I keep on going back.

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