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Friday, April 20, 2007

Delhi Tourism: India Gate

Come evening time, and people in Delhi many times feel the urge to go somewhere to relax, spend some time in an open space, and where kids can also get to eat some ice-cream or other such stuff. Going to parks in the evening is not exactly recommended, lighting is dim with a general sense of insecurity. In such times, there is a better alternative.
This is India Gate lawns. For people who do not know, India Gate is not only a war / soldier memorial, but there is a lot more. There are wide open, and fairly green large lawns all around the India Gate complex, essentially spreading from India Gate to one end, and moving towards the Rashtrapathi Bhavan at the other end (almost all the crowd is right next to the India Gate though).
There is adequate parking just nearby. Even in the heat, in the evening this place is decently cool. People get bedsheets and spread them on the ground, and can play cards, or just generally sit down over there.
You get all sorts of food stuff over there, with plenty of ice-cream, chana, fluffy candy, cold drinks, etc; so kids will never get bored. In addition, there are hawkers with small toys, some of which are really enjoyed by kids.

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