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Friday, April 13, 2007

Delhi Culture: Kamani auditorium

Delhi is often enough accused of being a city with a very loud culture, not the refined culture. One place that goes a long way towards removing some of that misunderstanding is an auditorium by the name of Kamani auditorium.
This is a fairly large auditorium, located right in the heart of the city. It is located on Copernicus Marg, right off the Mandi House Delhi Metro station. This auditorium has been there for a fairly long time, inaugrated in 1971.
The auditorium seats 632 people, and the stage is a massive item, with 48 feet depth and a 40 feet opening frontage, it can host different types of performances such as plays, ballets, group and solo performances. If you are culturally inclined, you must have visited Kamani auditorium. The place SHRIRAM BHARATIYA KALA KENDRA, one of the premier cultural institutions of INDIA.
If you want to know the upcoming performance schedule for Kamani, refer to the following link:

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