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Monday, April 16, 2007

Mexican eating joint in Delhi: Rodeo in Connaught Place

To get a flavour for the Wild West in a restaurant in Delhi, you got to try the Rodeo. Centrally located in the heart of Delhi, it is in the A-block, the inner circle in Connaught Place.
The place makes an attempt to try for the effects, from the cardboard guns, cowboy hats, the western ambience on the walls, staff wearing cowboy hats, etc. You can actually spend a decent amount of time at this restaurant with friends.
It serves liquor, with a variety of drinks, and the tequila slammers are fairly good. The place is decently expensive, and food plus drinks will come to an average of around Rs. 500 per head. Most people however who have gone to place will go there again, which is a pretty good sign. There is music, with live singing at times. And if you want karaoke, it's there on Saturdays.
If you are late in the afternoon, you can catch happy hours after 3:30 - 7:30, so this is what sometimes we do. Stay there, but order for all drinks by 7:30, so that we can catch the happy hours.
tel # 011-3713780, 3713781

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Blogger Vibha M said...

Yes Right Ashish,

I have been to Rodeo long time back. Food was lovely and so were the cowboy costumes.

Money did not hurt as a friend was paying for it. ;-)


10:23 PM, April 18, 2007  

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