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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Delhi Eating: Bercos in Noida Sector 12

This is one Chinese restaurant that is extremely popular with office goers, so much in fact that if you want to go for lunch, it is advisable to go before 1 PM, else there is a chance that you will have to wait for a table. Typically, you will find groups coming there and occupying one or more tables. The food quantity given is good, and they are not at all miserly about this. In addition, you get a variety of liquor, with common cocktails, some wines, different varieties of beer, rum, vodka, gin, etc. If you are the sort of chap who has drinks and food and yet does not want to pay the earth, this is the place for you.
Where is it located ? It is located in Sector 12, in a big open space of its own, and with adequate parking. If you want to get there and are coming from the Sector 18 side, you need to move to near the Noida Stadium, and then take the road running to the left of the stadium, take a left at the next red light, and then take the first left just after reaching a small market. Within a short distance, you will see Bercos to your left. For more Bercos in different parts of Delhi, refer to this site.
You get a variety of Chinese dishes, and while they were not truly exceptional, they were good enough that we have gone there several times. And for celebrations where a team is involved, and drinks are also part of the game, this is an ideal place.

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