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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Delhi Shopping: Purchasing some kurtas

I live in East Delhi, and wanted to purchase some kurtas. So off I went to the nearest mall, Pacific Mall (located next to Anand Vihar ISBT) to purchase these kurtas. A shop on the ground floor called Chun Mun seemed to be a good place to look at kurtas, but I was pretty disappointed. The choice was not great, and for Rs. 1800 for a kurta pyjama set, it was not exactly easy on the wallet. Then I remembered some great advice I got about buying kurtas, and headed in the opposite direction.
Slightly crowded, but was a good choice. I am talking about a place called Jagatpuri. How do you reach this place ? When you are on your way from Preet Vihar to Anand Vihar on Vikas Marg, you reach a place with a major red light and where a flyover can be seen perpendicular to your direction. This is called Karkari mod. Take a left over here, and at the second major red light, take a left and you are in Jagatpuri (incidentally, on this road, you will find a number of shops that cater to all aspects of house construction - cement, stone, paint, light fixtures, wood, etc). Once at the red light, take a left and you are now in some sort of clothes market. You will find a wide variety of clothes shops over here, a pretty useful place to go to. I bought some excellent kurtas at one-third the price from a place called Haryana Emporium.

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