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Monday, June 11, 2007

Delhi Eating: Swagath restaurant in Defence Colony

Swagath restaurant in Defence Colony is run by the same guy (Jayaram Banan) who owns the Sagar chain of stores. But Swagath is very different from the Sagar and Sagar Ratna chain of restaurants; for one, it serves non-vegetarian food as well. Swagath is actually a multi-cuisine restaurant, very highly rated. Some of the varieties of food that you get are South Indian coastal food, North Indian food and Chinese.
Phone Number: 24654537, 24654538
Address: 14, Defence Colony mkt, New delhi- 24
Some of the equisite food items that you get in this restaurant are crab, prawn Koliwada, fish as fresh as you can get, squid. One great item to try is the fried lady fish, eaten with a layered malabari parantha. The appam is another great bread, eaten with a number of meat curries.
You also get alcohol over there, and the combination of beer with a great dish can do wonders for the taste.

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