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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Splash water park on GT Road

In this Delhi heat, what could be better that splashing in a water park ? You have kids getting blasted by the heat, or a group of friends getting together and wanting to have some fun, there is no greater fun than splashing in a water park. And with around between Rs. 200-300 per entry, this is something that is easily doable.
One good option for this is the aptly named 'Splash' water park on Main GT Karnal Road near Alipur. If you want exact map of the place, go to this website and click on the link named 'Location'. For people living in North Delhi or West Delhi, the location is not very far, and even for people living elsewhere, it is a trip that can be planned.
What are the options you get in this water park ? In addition to a wave pool, kiddies pool, water dance, there are slides such as straight slides and curving slides, family slide and cyclone slide. When you are tired and want to glide effortlessly, you can use the lazy river, or have fun under the water fall. In short, you can have great fun, and spend huge amounts of time in the various slides.
There are also non-water games to enjoy, such as sky train, columbus, cup-plate, mini train, revolving tower, and the ever popular bumping cars. There are places to have snacks, eat food, as well as adequate parking. If going in a group, packages incorporating rides along with food are available.
Phone numbers are: +91-11-65150989, +91-11-27708503, +91-11-27708504

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