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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yellow Chilli restaurant in the Pacific Mall, East Delhi

We were wandering around Pacific Mall, it was evening time and the prospect of going home for food was not exactly very appetising. There was the usual Food Court in the Pacific Mall with a wide variety of dishes, but we had done that several times; time to try something different. So we looked around, and saw the Sanjeev Kapoor owned restaurant, Yellow Chili. Now, the restaurant in Noida with the same name is no longer as good as it used to be, so I was somewhat skeptical. Anyhow, let's try again went the thought and in we went.
We went inside, and it seemed to be a fine dining restaurant. The place had a well done decor with the floor in Italian tiles, walls with Spanish tiles and everything well arranged and neat. The customers in place looked very well dressed, to the extent that I felt a bit strange in my well worn jeans. The restaurant took some time to get its license to serve liquor, but now serves a wide variety of drinks and cocktails. The waiters were helpful and even offered suggestions on what to take.
We had some veg and non-vegetarian starters, and then a main course of Indian dishes and daal, and the food was good, and so were the cocktails. There is a wide variety of Indian dishes available, and the overall experience was pretty good. A meal for 2 with drinks should cost in the range of Rs. 1200-1500. On weekends, you may have to wait to get space.

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