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Different places to travel

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Delhi Map - is a site that seeks to provide a detailed map of India, and the Delhi map is pretty good. It gives you a detailed view of the Delhi map, and you can drill down into a great depth of detail. In addition, some of the features you can find on this page are:
1. Finding the location of a place (and it also lists the alternatives to the search you are looking for, just in case your search was not exact)
2. Driving direction from and to a location; this actually gives you a path on a map
3. You get presets such as those of banks, movie halls, etc so that you can easily find the locations you are looking for

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Anonymous Tarun Gupta said...

Hi Ashish
Thanks a lot for your reply.I have seen your blog in Google search. You have inserted MapmyIndia in your blog.
Once again thanks, and I will stay in touch updating you on what’s new.

Warm Regards
Tarun Gupta
The MapmyIndia Team
For directions in India, just search print and go with

4:13 PM, September 25, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, this is an awesome blog you have! Especially for visitors to India who'd like to see the most interesting places and shop at the coolest or least expensive places, and even try Kulfi froma recommended place, your website is such a great guide!!

Thank you, and I hope you keep it up!


1:22 AM, January 17, 2008  

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