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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Delhi Eating: Mainland China in Greater Kailash

I had a chance to go to a Chinese restaurant in South Delhi to which I have never gone before. It is called Mainland China and is located on the Savitri Cinema Road. Location: As you are moving on Outer Ring Road near GK, you can turn off the Ring Road to reach Savitri Cinema. On this road, keep on heading straight and after around 2-3 minutes of driving, you will see it on the right hand side, just off a small market complex.
Contact NumberL (011) 29222123 / 129
I went there on Wednesday with a friend, who had made a reservation. I was wondering why a reservation was necessary on a weekday, but once I entered and saw the tables (most of them were occupied), I understood why.
We reached the reception, and were taken upto the 2nd floor and escorted to the 2nd floor table by a lady dressed in a Chinese outfit. Soon, there was a waiter offering the menus and being very polite. The place has a good ambiance and overall nice feel. There was a baby with our friends, and when we reached, there was already a baby chair at the table (a nice touch).
We had a variety of dim sums, starters, drinks, rice and noodles, and overall impression was very positive, both for the veg and non-veg. Helpings were of a nice quantity, which is always a nice touch. The dessert of a sizzling brownie with ice cream was a hit, especially with the infant. The place is more expensive that normal, with the bill coming to Rs. 3200 for 4 people. Dishes and soup are in the range of Rs. 259-300, and drinks are also in the same range.

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