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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Delhi Shopping: Sarojini Nagar market

The Sarojini Nagar market is a very famous market of South-Central Delhi. Surrounded by Government colonies on all sides, it is patronized by all sorts of people, from those looking for good bargains to those looking for some quality branded stuff, including clothes, bags, accessories, footwear.
The Sarojini Market is reachable from the Safdarjung/INA side, from the Chankyapuri side and from the Ring Road side. How to get there? Just ask for Sarojini Nagar, and most people will be able to easily guide you there since it is the local landmark.
What is the market famous for ? People living in the neighborhood go there for all sorts of things, with eatables being a major reason. The market provides a number of shops selling chaat, snacks, aloo tikki, golgappa and very tasty. In some of these shops, there is seating available as well. Besides eatables, the market is full of vendors in temporary shops selling cheap clothes, and everything is available. You get shirts, trousers, jeans, T-shirts, ladies clothes such as suits, jeans, etc. Near the back of the market is an inside lane where in winter time, you get a wide variety of comfortable jackets and coats. Shopping for kids, you get a lot of clothes for them. and that too at very reasonable prices.

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