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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Roshnara Bagh (Garden), Club and Tomb

Seems strange to mention a garden, a club, and a tomb in the same place, but this is exactly what Roshanara Bagh, located in North Delhi is. Easily reachable, near the North University, it is reachable by going to Kamla market, from there to the Clock Tower and then the Roshnara Road.
So what is the Roshanara Garden all about? Well, it is a very old garden, constructed by the younger daughter of Shah Jahan, Roshanara in 1650. She helped her brother, Aurangzeb in the fight for the Mughal throne with Dara Shikoh, and was his favourite sister for a long time. However, things change and she was poisoned in 1671 on Aurangzeb's orders, and buried in the garden.
Her grave is right in the middle of the garden, called the Baradari. Right now, it is not in a well maintained condition, but it used to be a simple roofless grave surrounded by carved marble screens, and a big hall with lots of beautiful paintings. The British really liked the garden due its location amongst the greenery of the Ridge, and made some alterations in 1875 to substantially make the place more open. In 1923, the Roshanara Club was opened, which is a fairly exclusive club, and not open by default to everybody; only to members and their guests.

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