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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Best Rajasthani & Gujarati restaurant in NCR

While there are a large number of restaurants who would want to claim that title of best Rajasthani and Gujarati restaurant in the area of Delhi and surroundings, one outstanding contestant is a restaurant called Farsaan.
Located on the Mehrauli-Badarpur road south of Delhi, the restaurant has been located earlier in Lado Sarai and then Greater Kailash, and then finally to its ultimate destination of Saidulla Jab, near Mehrauli, and this is where it seems to have found root.
The food is cooked by traditional Maharajs and the decor is authentic as well. There is an option of traditional seating on the floor, or on tables. The food is not very complex, with an option of a Gujarati thali, or a Rajasthani thali, these being served on silver thalis.
The Gujarati meal is sweeter, while the Rajasthani food is more spicy. In these meals, you get the regular stuff of khandvi, dhokla, srikhand, sangri, gatte ki sabzi, bajre ki roti, choorma. The restaurant also serves fried namkeens. The meals have unlimited eating, so build up a healthy appetite before heading there.
KH 30, Saidulla Jab, MB Road, Opposite D Block
New Delhi, DL

Contact number: +91 (0)11 2684 5861 / +91 (0)11 2683 8827

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