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Different places to travel

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Good Italian food in Delhi: Flavours of Italy

It is always hard to get some good non-Indian food in Delhi, and once you get such food, the places serving these become very popular. One such type of food not easily available in Delhi is authentic Italian food, and one place serving such food is called 'Flavours of Italy'. The restaurant is located next to Moolchand Flyover in south-east Delhi, a stone's throw from Ashram Chowk. The address for the restaurant is 52C, Moolchand Flyover Complex, Defence Colony
Phone number: 24645644
It's run by an Italian gent called Tarsillo Nataloni, who set this up more than 11 years back. The restaurant slowly became more popular, and is frequented by a number of foreigners, as well as natives of Delhi, who are fond of Italian food, or want to get a different taste. You get a variety of pizza and pasta, but the prices are in the moderate to high zone. You can also enjoy wines from the wine cellar.

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Anonymous Shiv Singh said...

Flavours has good food and wine. Another good restaurant is Diva.

9:12 AM, July 23, 2007  

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