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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Delhi Green: Jahanpanah forest in South Delhi

This was news to me recently. I had never thought that inside the crowded location of South-East Delhi, there would be a green area, big enough to be called a forest. But apparently, there is. It's called Jahanpanah forest, one of the biggest green belts in Delhi. The origin of the forest is apparently during the Sultanate period, when Mohammad Bin Tughlaq enclosed a large area within a wall, creating within it the Jahanpanah forest. The place is 800 acres big, has a nice green cover including a fair amount of trees. It is located between Tughlaqabad and Chiragh Delhi and passes through Alaknanda and Greater Kailash Part II. It is frequented by neighboring residents for morning and evening walks, for jogging and for picnics. It was supposed to be unsafe sometime back, but is now supposed to be much safer.

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