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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Delhi Nightlife: Ministry of Sound

What a strange name for a nightclub; well, this is the Indian franchise of the famous London nightclub. It is a very new nightclub, having been opened early this year, and had been closed once by the Municipal Corporation due to its being located in a residential area. However, it is currently open and its charter of events can be accessed at its website.
For reservations please contact MOS at +91.11.460 453 10 - 19.
Address: The Pyramid . 11 LSC Sector C Pocket 6/7 . Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070
Another method is through SMS:
Send via sms CLUB MOS for free passes / invites / tab discounts / event updates & other information.
Map of the location of the Ministry of Sound nightclub:

Ministry of Sound restaurantMinistry of Sound restaurantMinistry of Sound restaurant

Entry to the club will be $45-$90 (£22-45), redeemable against alcohol.
Constructed in the form of a pyramid, soaring nearly 80 feet at its peak, the club can accommodate 1,400 people at maximum capacity. The pyramid is formed by a latticework of steel, with 310 diagonal panes of heat-reflective glass. The interior design is striking, with extensive use of black leather sofas and easy chairs, bed loungers, all with silver accents.

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