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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Delhi Eating: Diva restaurant for good Italian fare

Diva is an acknowledged great restaurant in South Delhi for lovers of Italian food. Created by Ritu Dalmia in 2003 who has a variety of experience in opening restaurants across the globe, the restaurant has imbibed her feeling of warmth and customer service. A lot of people who have gone there have enjoyed the quality of food and wine so much that it has become one of their favorite restaurants.
Serving a variety of Italian food (besides regulars such as pasta) such as cheese fondue, grilled fish, prawns, veal, chicken (mouth-watering tender chicken cooked with breadcrumbs and finished off with lemon), meat, crepes, excellent pasta, a variety of breads, antipasti, artichokes, sliced crispy duck, spagehtti, a variety of seafood, and some excellent vegetarian food, thin crust Italian pizza. Cooking is done in olive oil. In fact, the cooking actually has a Sicilian touch to it. All of the ingredients are picked fresh and with a fetish for cleanliness from reputed local suppliers. In addition, there is an excellent wine cellar with a wide variety of wines available.
The restaurant is spread over 2 floors, with a slightly bigger seating downstairs. The restaurant is located in Greater Kailash II, and is open for lunch and dinner; the cafe is open from 11:30 AM to 11:30 PM. A meal for two would be in the range of Rs. 1500-2000.
Contact number for reservations:
+91-11-29215673 / +91-11-41637019 / +91-11-41637858

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