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Different places to travel

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Delhi Eating: Food Court of 'Great India Place' in Noida

The Great India Place is a massive mall located just off the Sector 18 market in Noida. It has a huge number of shops and showrooms catering to a number of different brands in clothes, apparel, accessories, shoes, etc. You name the brand and you should be able to find it there. To cater to all this, it has a massive capacity in terms of car parking, with the entire huge basement for car parking (although the car parking is expensive, costing Rs. 30 per visit).
On the 3rd (top floor) of the Great India Place, you have the eating options as well as the bowling range. The food court is a bit stylish, although the chairs and tables are all place close together and can get cramped. You have a central dome and a circular area around which the chairs are arranged, and on one side, you have the food court options, while on the other side, you have a vegetarian restaurant called 'Yatra'.
The food court has a variety in terms of Indian (South and North Indian) along with Chinese, Mexican, sandwiches, pizza, burger and other such food. You get a variety of drinks over there (all non-alcoholic).
And then there is the Yatra restaurant, where you have a vegetarian thaali. Here you actually get to sample 2 types of vegetarian cultures, and you can really enjoy the food. Quantity is unlimited, and it costs around Rs. 150 on weekdays and Rs. 170 on weekends, and is a good place to eat.

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