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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fluid: The lounge bar in Hotel Mosaic in Noida

For a long time, there used to be a Hotel Shipra right at the edge of the road between Sector 18 and the smaller Atta market in Noida. And then Hotel Shipra was torn down to make the trendier Hotel Mosaic. Mosaic has 2 prime locations that draw people on a regular basis, there restaurant Lattitude, and the lounge bar Fluid (in the basement).
The first time I went into Fluid, it was unlike anything that I had ever seen before. The entrance to Fluid was through the side of the hotel (slightly odd), but there was lots of glass giving a good look; and as soon as you enter, you see the whole place covered in white (and these are very plush sofas into which you sink into and can feel comfortable in). And the bar itself has this collection of big bottles including some large sized liquor bottles (and they were really large) that could not fail to impress people.
The lounge bar has 2 floors, with the bottom floor being accessible through a staircase from within the lounge itself, and there is room for dancing and a live band or DJ inside. There are sofas and other plush revolving chairs; the first anyone goes there, they see it is as very different from the other similar places.
Most of my trips have been there along with a large group of colleagues, and for this we get group packages, with unlimited drinks and snacks costing anywhere between Rs. 1000 - 1600, depending on the people. If you go individually, drinks will be in the range of Rs. 250-500 (assuming you don't go in for the more exotic drinks). A variety of Continental, Mediterranean and American food is available, but you will not get typical Indian food such as Mughlai, South Indian or North Indian. Its a nice place to go; but watch out if you are male and it is Wednesday. This is the night for ladies, and an unaccompanied male could have problems.
Contact number: +91-120-4025000

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