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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bad Food - Avoid Nirulas GIP (Noida) at any cost

It was time for a treat, and we were all looking forward to a good lunch. So off we headed (all 12 of us) to the largest mall in Noida - The Great India Mall in Noida. It has a good top floor full of eating options. You get a Food court (food is so-so), a once good vegetarian restaurant (Yatra - all you can eat, but the quality level has gone down), another great Indian restaurant Rajdhani (too much crowd trying to get in), a TGIF without liquor (not worth it without drinks), a great and value-for-money place Pind Balluchi (30 minutes waiting, there were 4 ladies kitties going on), and sundry other places such as KFC, other fast food places, a fine dining place, coffee and tea places, and so on.
Eventually after not getting a place at Pind Balluchi and walking out of TGIf after being told that drinks were not available, we went to Nirula, it is the safe place after all and we thought that this would be an acceptable alternative (big mistake). The menu does not have many options, but this was just the start. In this hot environment, their cold drink machine was out of order and we had lesser alternatives.
We settled ourselves into 2 tables and ordered the veg and non-veg starters. Service seemed to be a bit slow, but we were in a nice mood and decided to wait. Then we got some of the non-veg dishes, and they were not exactly the best. The chicken chop was over-burnt and not having much of a taste, the veg platter was rejected because one of the kebabs was smelling bad (bad quality control and bad over-sight); when we returned the order and canceled the order, still another waiter got us a replacement dish - by then people were starting to get disgusted.
How can you advertise something and give something else ? The hot chocolate fudge was shown in a great glass and looked a decent quantity, but when we got it, it was in a paper cup and did not look anything like what the photo was. And then we started to get the main courses - the pizzaz were not appetising, only the burger and footlong was okay. People who had ordered a separate piece of chicken (a leg piece) actually rejected the stuff after a bite, it was totally bland. Same was the case with people who had ordered the chicken platters, since the dishes were bland. People were incredulous as to how you could spoil something like a tandoori chicken.
We were laughing at this horrible party, and decided that this just did not cut it. the treat needs to be repeated at a better place, and Nirulas was now on the blacklist (including other people in our company who would ask us). They even did not have material for feedback and we had to ask for it.

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Anonymous Bed and Breakfast Delhi said...

I think Nirula's food quality is going down anyway! But from your post - it seems that Noida one is to be particularly avoided!
Well said!

6:10 PM, April 21, 2008  
Anonymous Sakshi said...

From first hand experience, the higher up management at Nirula's does seem to care (unlike the on site management). If you post any complaint on their website, it gets its due. Do try it.

2:18 PM, May 12, 2008  

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