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Different places to travel

Sunday, April 06, 2008

P. P. Sarees off Nai Sarak

In the quest for saree shopping, we have gone to a number of different places, such as Nalli in South Extension, the many saree shops in Cross River Mall in East Delhi, Satya Paul, etc. However, in the end, when you have to buy a number of sarees for the bride (except for the wedding saree) and for the many other female relatives to whom sarees have to be gifted, you need to buy numerous sarees (in the 10's or maybe hundreds), then you find that your steps head towards Chandni Chowk. It is the place where you get good designs, and you can't get sarees more economical than that.
There are numerous shops in the Gali Paranthe Waali, and in the many Katra (small lanes) as you move along the main Chandni Chowk street such as Katra Asharfi, and one more shop that we went to and bought more than 10 sarees was a shop called P.P. Sarees. It is located off Nai Sarak, around the middle. You can find it through asking, first you ask for the lane leading to Dareeba, and then once inside, you ask for P.P. Sarees; you should be eventually find it and then you can shop for sarees to your hearts desire.
Contact details for the shop:
Padam Chand Prem Chand
23286182, 65280729, 9811239505, 9810129534

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