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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bhairon temple near Purana Qila

Located on one of the busiest traffic routes in Delhi, not too many people know about the Bhairon Mandir, a temple that actually takes liquor as an offering. Even when you know that you are traveling on a road known as Bhairon Road, not too many people associate that with the temple. That is not to say that these are unknown temples, a lot of people in Delhi know about these temples and many go to these temples (when I say temples, there are actually 2 temples over there, in one you offer liquor, and in the other, you offer milk (called Dhudhiya Bhairon)).
The Purana Qila has a heritage around it, known as having been associated with the time of the Mahabharata (even though there is not much of archaeological proof as yet of this). Similarly, the Bhairon Mandir outside the complex is supposed to be of that age, a place where Bheema worshipped the fierce form of Lord Shiva called Bhairavji. The structure is assuredly not so old, but the story goes that the core section of the temple is very old.
In the temple, you can give alcohol as an offering; another interesting part is that the devotees are forbidden from giving prasad (the offering) to beggars (in theory - in practise there are a number of beggars outside).

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